Off to the Pan Galactic News System InfoNet

July 9, 2007

I bid farewell to the denizens of the Perfect World, I am off to the Pan Galactic News System InfoNet, a.k.a. the RF Boards.

It has been an honor to serve the nascent Perfect World game community. I will probably show up in-game, but only as a regular player. 🙂

New Worlds: Transformed

June 28, 2007

New Worlds: Transformed

9-15 July 2007
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City

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MMOd Moments #6: Fanart!

June 10, 2007

Diwa Fernandez, a.k.a. Neoma of RFO-Ph Altrax, made a cute, super-deformed Holystone Keeper fanart of me.

Horonaim as the Holystone Keeper by Diwa

I first found out about it when she posted it on the RF Boards. It’s so cute!

On a side note, GM Tristan named Diwa his latest Gamer Babe! Way to go Neoma!

Gamers need to read

May 28, 2007

I get a lot of private messages when I am in-game asking me about game features. Questions that I should not have to answer if only gamers would READ!

First, there is an in-game help function that can be accessed by typing “L” or “Alt + L”. That already takes care of more than half of the the question right there especially the ones about gameplay.

Second, people asking me what to do with certain quests when the quest description clearly states what needs to be done. There are very few quests that do not have the coordinates for the NPC that you need to talk to. So far I only count 2 such quests.

Third, people ask me where X monster is. The quest description gives you a general idea of where the monster should be. Hunt for them! I also go through these quests and I bust my ass looking for these monsters. That’s part of the challenge people!

If gamers could only learn how to read, then the PMs I get in game would be the ones greeting me, those wishing me a nice day, bug reports, name violations, etc. In short I’d be getting community messages and the reports that matter.

If gamers learn how to read it would make life so much easier.

Listen up apes! We’re at DEFCON 3!

May 16, 2007

This is the readiness setting I am in. Unlike the U.S. military I have had an opportunity to call DEFCON 1. That was when RF Online – Philippines had to block foreign IPs upon the request of the game designer CCR. Total chaos erupted on the boards and I had to stay online until the wee hours of the morning closing threads and banning people.

So why am I on DEFCON 3? Well, it’s two days from the start of Perfect World’s Closed Beta and already signs point to a very emotional outburst from the boards. Either from those who cannot join the Closed Beta or from those who haven’t received clients and accounts that were promised them. Sadly enough it is already a given that this will happen. It has happened before on the RF Boards and it will happen in the PW Boards.

The other outbreaks I expect is when Open Beta starts, which will probably be another DEFCON 3, and when Official Launch is approaching, which always merits DEFCON 2 at the minimum.

Thankfully I don’t expect a DEFCON 1 situation for the PW Boards.

The fight against the Soulless begins!

May 11, 2007

by Horonaim

Long ago Beastkind was enslaved Wingkind, but they rebelled and gained their freedom. A thousand years ago Humanity and Wingkind fought in a terrible war and the unity of the Beastkind was torn asunder as Beastkin chose sides or stayed neutral.

All of that is now forgotten.

The elders of all three races have gathered together and forged an alliance to fight the encroaching Soulless. There is more at stake now than petty rivalries. They fight for the survival of their Perfect World.

On May 18 the three races of Pangu join forces to face the Soulless in battle. Closed Beta of Perfect World – Philippines begins.

The self-righteous

May 4, 2007

I am very sure you have encountered people like these. The ones that are doing something wrong and when you point that out to them they get angry. Yes, the self-righteous. The ones that think the rules apply to everyone else except them. In Tagalog: Sila na nga yung may kasalanan sila pa ang nagagalit.

We’ve all seen these kinds of people. I’ve been seeing them pop in and out of message boards for the longest times. These are the kinds of people who do not take the time to read board rules and then get offended when cited for a violation. After all, are they not immune from rules? They are the gods in and of themselves. These are the same people who break in-game rules indiscriminately and then complain that they got banned even though they claim they didn’t know it was against the rules.

You should always RTFM. Such people expect to get away with their actions, but not on my watch they don’t.